saturday we took the kids to Zoo Atlanta. we have a membership, so we get to skip lines and save money. it’s one of our favorite things in Atlanta, and it really is a nice attraction. the animals are well cared for, the park is clean and the whole experience is great.

the zoo is in Grant Park, the fourth largest park in Atlanta. the park itself is about 144 acres, and it’s surrounded by some of the most beautiful post civil war homes in Atlanta. the area was in serious disrepair up until 1996, when Atlanta got a shot in the arm from the olympics. the Grant Park Conservancy was formed, and everything changed.

some interesting facts:

  • the cyclorama, a huge, circular painting of the civil war’s Battle of Atlanta was first displayed at Grant Park in 1892. in 1921 the cyclorama was enclosed in it’s own building and you can still see it today.
  • the zoo was started in 1889 when a traveling zoo was stranded in Atlanta after the owner took off with the remaining money. a lumber merchant bought the stranded animals, donated them to the city of atlanta, and the zoo was founded.
  • in 1984 the zoo lost its accreditation after some mysterious animal deaths and reported animal sales to circuses.
  • in 1987, after hiring a new administrator, the zoo regained its accreditation. today it’s one of the best zoos in the country
  • Grant Park also contains the historic Oakland Cemetery, where many famous Atlantans such as Margaret Mitchell and Bobby Jones are buried. it’s a must see!

if i could buy an old house anywhere in Atlanta then Grant Park would be right there near the top.

anyway, here are some pictures!

well Ricky loves jeeps, so he had to check this one out. it’s a fully restored WWII willys mb.
it was on display for memorial day weekend.

first up, flamingos!

he really enjoyed the elephants. i think they are his favorite (for now)

baby warthog

posing with the elephant statue

checking out the birds

ricky and me checking out the birds


hugs for everyone!

rachel really loved the kangaroos