It’s hard keeping up a house with two small kids. Kristy does an awesome job at it but Ricky does a better job of staying out in front of her. I’m no help since I just come home and vegetate until the next work day commences.

The one thing I am good at, however, is remodeling. Destruction and construction are in my blood. It’s part of who I am. A certain portion of my soul is made up of a pungent concoction of sweat, motor oil, smoke (pyromania, what can I say), metal shavings, VOCs (volatile organic compounds – found in paint, adhesives, plastics) and sawdust. Sorry, didn’t mean to nerd out.

We bought our house 2 years ago this month. When we became pregnant with Ricky we started the moving process by selling our townhouse and looking for a more family-friendly place to live. We had deals fall through on two different places that were practically in two different time zones and ended up living with my folks for a few months in their basement with a newborn. Contrary to what you might think we had a great time.

When we found our current house it was already under contract. We put in a backup offer and, lucky for us, the competition’s financing fell through. The entire process was brutally fast since we had to close about 10 days after the offer was accepted. Fun.

A little background on the house. It was built in 1964 and we bought it from the original owner, a local dentist who was moving to his retirement cabin in the north Georgia mountains. After digging into the “modifications” he made I shudder to think of his dental repair skills.

The day we closed I pulled up the original carpet . I refinished all the original oak flooring myself. We painted. And painted. And painted. We refinished the kitchen. The inside of the house is complete but for one room.

Next is the yard. I have my work cut out for me. Enjoy some photos!

kitchen, before

kitchen, pre-freshening up (notice the bitchin’ 1960’s dual oven)

kitchen - mid-freshening

kitchen, mid-freshening

under carpet mess

the mess that was under the carpet…

freshly sanded floor

freshly sanded floor. this is now rachel’s room.

english ivy

nice ivy… is there a house back there? did i mention i HATE ivy?