my kids are sick. again. they seem to get sick a lot. people say that it’s because their little immune systems need to be tested and rebuilt stronger. ricky has a fever of unknown origin – the doctor actually called it the “virus of the week”, and rachel is coughing her cute little head off as i type.

we’re on our third pediatrician. when we lived with my parents south of town we got hooked up with this russian doctor named Marat Plotkin. he was everything you could ever want in a pediatrician. personable, far from condescending, and great with kids.

when we moved away it was hard to leave Dr. P, but his practice is about an hour from our new home. it just didn’t work. we changed to another pediatrician’s office, and this one will remain nameless.

ever heard of a puppy mill? this seemed like a “copay mill”. we hardly ever saw the same doctor. we waited and waited, sometimes an hour past our appointment time. we never spent more than 3 minutes with the doctor. everything was rushed and impersonal, and it was quite depressing for Kristy and me.

then, one day, we took our kids in for their checkup. the doctor swings in about a half hour after we were led to an exam room, does a quick look at rachel and completely ignores Ricky. i think it was his 2 year checkup. instead of flipping out and raising cain we decided to let it slide. that was the last time we saw that doc.

fast forward to today. this is our third or fourth visit to our new doctor, whose name is Crystal White. she’s the female non-russian version of Dr. P, and we’re incredibly happy. the kids love her and so do we.

now if we could just figure out how to get around all these copays… hmm…..