i’ve always loved the talking heads. not the guys on CNN, but the band.

david byrne is a fabulous musician. i think i’ve heard more talking heads on the radio (*gasp* not my iPod *gasp*) in the last couple of weeks than ever before.

“life during wartime” is a fantastic song and reminds me of that brad pitt movie called SPY GAME for some reason. makes me want to join the CIA and be a spooky kind of guy in some crappy part of the world. then reality smacks me in the face and i realize i’m just a regular guy in the construction business.

here’s a killer video on youtube of the song, performed live, from STOP MAKING SENSE, one of the best concert DVDs you’ll ever see:

another of my favorite talking heads tunes is called (nothing but) flowers. amazing. great, smart lyrics as well. the video is a little political, and i don’t totally agree with their agenda, but you can’t deny that the talking heads just rock. enjoy!